goat project

We have partnered with American Foundation for Children with AIDS to help them run one of their livelihood projects in the Matopos. We run a multiplication center for the goats being used in the project and train families in the community. The program helps children and families that are infected or affected by AIDS.

Once families are identified, they start receiving training on how to garden, cook the food they grow, care for their goats, and how to use their goats to provide for their family (milk, fertilizer, etc). Once they have gone through all the training and are using the food from their gardens, they are given three pregnant goats. They will have the goats for three years and during that time they are not meant to kill or sell any of them. They will continue to receive support during this time as they are learning to care for their growing herd. Once the three years are up, they bring three goats back to us. Those three goats will then be given to another family in the community that has gone through the training process. These goats will give the families a way to provide for themselves.

Here's a short video with more details on the goat project:

community center project

We are currently in the process of constructing a Community and Resource Center on a 200 acre site on Morning Star ranch.


The site is ideally located near a main road network, and within easy access of an electrical power source.

The Center will greatly enhance the community in providing a base for:


  • library and media center

  • pre-school and infant day-care

  • adult literacy and IT skills training

  • sports, art, music and drama

  • agricultural and vocational skills’ training

  • counselling center

  • church, Sunday school and youth activities

  • micro-financing and management skills training


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