about us

We, Chris and Norma Ferguson, have a vision to transform our neighbours’ lives by raising awareness of community needs, raising funds for community projects, and attracting volunteer groups to assist the community.

Over the last 10+ years, the ranch has become a community hub and, in consultation with the local people, a number of initiatives have been introduced, the goal of which is to ensure sustainable living in the long term and to restore lost dignity.

The camp on ‘Morning Star’ ranch is equipped to accommodate both short and long-term volunteer groups. Over the last 5+ years, volunteers have been involved in all aspects of the Green Island Vision, but have been especially effective in the community schools.


An increasing number of volunteers are reacting to a desire to reach out to the poor in a more personal way than purely donating money.

Central to the GIV Foundation’s vision is the desire to see groups of people giving a period of time (from a few weeks to several months or even a year) to living on Morning Star ranch and serving the surrounding community in a variety of ways.

Over the last eight years, the camp, which can accommodate up to 30 people, has seen volunteers come from the USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi. 

Volunteers participate in a range of activities in the local community and on the ranch itself, according to their skills and desires. Volunteers may be of any age from 17 upwards – college students taking a summer break; working folk who feel led to take a 'timeout' from their employment; students who may receive credit hours towards their educational studies etc.

What can Volunteers do?


  • assistance in schools with reading, drama, music, art, sport, counselling etc

  • maintenance of school buildings and facilities

  • running workshops for inexperienced teachers

  • health, agriculture and education projects

  • work crew for youth camps

  • home visits to the sick and vulnerable

  • farm help for the elderly and infirm

  • adult skills training

  • outreach to the community through drama, music, Sunday school etc

  • spiritual/leadership development programmes

  • counselling and life-skills programmes

  • activities/functions at the Community Resource Centre


  • assistance in daily activities including agriculture, construction, maintenance, clearing invasive plants, small livestock management etc

  • acting as work crew for youth camps

  • cooking and cleaning

  • assisting with sewing club

  • preparing educational crafts etc for use in schools


  • separate dormitories for males and females (14 in each)

  • three chalets for couples (6 people)

  • hot and cold showers

  • dry (Blair) toilets

  • laundry and ironing done by staff

  • limited satellite cell and internet connection (30 minutes daily)

  • three wholesome meals prepared by our staff each day (excluding weekends)

  • vehicle transportation for community and school work

  • bicycles for venues close to the ranch

  • transport to Bulawayo for necessary supplies and/or recreation

  • recreational activities – volleyball, mountain biking, swimming (in summer), bouldering, rock climbing (over 30 bolted climbs on the ranch), bird-watching, hiking, visits to rock painting sites, indoor games, DVD’s

  • shop for sodas, candies etc


Prices vary according to size of group and length of stay.  

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