A Quieter Week

Annalisa and Chiadza

We thought we had internet connection on the ranch this past weekend, but then discovered yet another hiccup! I am glad I am not a gambling person because I could have lost my shirt if I had dared laid a bet on when ‘connection’ would actually happen out here! But I feel sure that it WILL happen, sooner rather than later now! So watch for the first Newsletter to be beamed direct from the ranch!!! Our neighbours, the Pauls, have had an Austrian family staying for a few weeks, with an American friend travelling with them. I have shown them around the community a little and when they came to visit us, Annalisa fell in love with Chiadza, Diamond and Caroline’s 9 month old daughter! Chiadza wasn’t too sure though! What a lovely baby she is! She started crawling very competently a month ago and now we have to keep our wits about us as she disappears in a wink of an eye! How she loves the dogs’ water bowl! We visited a couple more families in the community, driving as far as we could in the old pick-up and then walking the rest of the way. It certainly isn’t too much of a hardship walking in this countryside. Such good leg exercises as we have to descend and then ascend into valleys where some of the homes are situated. Every time we visit a new home and my heart aches by the needs I see there, God reminds me that He is bigger than all our problems and needs and He WILL and DOES come through for all of us. I need to hold on to that truth daily.

Diamond descending into Gabeni Valley

We were delighted to discover the gentleman who built our (still unfinished!) cottages (situated just outside the camp) is still employed in the area. He was very pleased to see we were back and in need of his help on a few new projects around the ranch. We have long wanted to knock down the old staff kitchen and replace with a more traditional and neater one and also build one for Diamond and Caroline, closer to their accommodation, so with Mr Mpofu’s help on his days off, we have begun. Our staff are assisting him and learning the building trade as they do so. Mr Mpofu is not jealous about sharing his knowledge and it is such a happy group to be around. All the staff are teasing me now about how little Ndebele I know so I am going to have to be more serious about learning and ‘remembering’ words and phrases! Pray for me!!!!

Kumbulani, Mr Mpofu and Diamond laying the stone foundations of the Staff Kitchen.

Good news is that I have found a lady who is willing to come out and stay with us for a few days who can teach the ladies in the AID’s Groups quilting and patchwork. That should give us time to get the necessary bits and pieces together for the workshop. Until next time, be safe and happy and strong in our Lord. Norma

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