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This weekend we had our first actual internet connection on Morning Star! It was a test and it passed. Still a few steps to go before we have it regularly, but it is a big step forward! The YL groups from Bulawayo and Matopos spent Saturday night on the farm, organising the programme for our soon to be visiting group from Atlanta. Great to sit around the campfire braaing on T-bones and listening to them singing in the evening. The first workshop for the Aid's groups will be this Wednesday! Not sure what we will be doing but we will be STARTING! I rushed around Bulawayo today and was able to find several fabric and haberdashery shops where we will be able to get lots of our needs in the future for the sewing ladies of the group. So nice when we don't have to buy outside of the country but can be supporting shops in Zimbabwe. Prices now seem to be coming down quite a bit on many items, so things are looking up in many areas here, although still many frustrations (like internet!). Ryan Keith (from Forgotten Voices - Look up his website) and a couple of friends visit us tomorrow, Tuesday. It will be good to see him again and share a bit about what has been happening since his visit in December. Wow, can't believe how time has flown since we arrived in December. Then on Thursday the Youth Group that our niece, Angie, is involved with in Bulawayo will come out to do a day of maintenance on one of the schools in the Dobi area, about 20kms from MS. I am sure Netball and Soccer games have been planned with the pupils as well as work! The group will stay with us for two nights so this is a busy week yet again!

Lots of photos next week! See you then and stay well under the shadow of His wings until then. Blessings. Norma

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