New Shoes (and wine skins?)

'‘Our prayers may be little broken things; we cannot put them together, but our Father, He hears us.’

Smiling Chiedza!

I tend to get so busy and end up desperately throwing my prayers Heaven-ward as I remember things I need to give God (everything!) in the hope that they will be heard. So it is a relief when I read a little line like the one above. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t use this as an excuse to miss prayer time – this I know! But it does remind me that our God is a loving and understanding God despite all our shortcomings! Thank You, Jesus! As I write this in our living room, Chiedza, Diamond and Caroline’s 15 month old daughter is playing quietly and practicing her walking. What a sweet child she is, despite knowing her own mind and regularly telling us all about it! She hates being tied onto her mother’s back unless she wants to sleep – she would much rather be playing in a basin of water or checking the kitchen waste-buckets under the sink! Her brother may be named Prince, but she is certainly the ‘princess’ of Morning Star! We all fall over trying to amuse her to get her to give us one of her brilliant smiles! She is in a small way a substitute for not having our own very special children and grandchildren closer.


Gail, Bianca and the ladies hard at work

Last week we had Gail Getty and her daughter, Abby, visit us. While Abe, their husband and father, went on a hunting trip the ladies wanted to visit the community and do some activities in the schools. Gail is a fine seamstress and spent her first day working alongside our Sewing Group. She was accepted into the ‘team’ very quickly, with her free and happy nature. We have taken Gail’s promise to bring out a sewing workshop quite seriously and look forward to seeing her on ‘Morning Star’ in the near future! Abby is also thinking of bringing out a drama team to visit schools. This could be a great way to get messages over to a developing group in the schools called GEM, (Girls Empowerment) where it is hoped that girls will learn skills for promoting their own protection and development. They are hoping to have their first camp the 7-10th December if they are able to raise enough funds to run it. Please pray up to and over those dates for this much needed programme and the ladies who will run it.

On the Thursday and Friday we chose one of the primary schools we had not yet visited with a group and spent two days ‘playing’ with the pupils. Well, it felt like playing although we pretended it was Art classes! Gail and Abby have beautiful voices and sang several songs to the classes who in turn sang a few songs back. After a Bible story by Gail, we launched into simple art projects. From pretty collages with foam and shiny beads, to flying butterflies on drinking straws and colourful hand prints, Gail brought along all the equipment we needed and blessed the school and us by leaving most of it behind. We are slowly building up an exciting stock to enable future groups to interact in the schools in the same way. The School Principal and her deputy were delighted to have us come in and help. Most rural schools have no resources for doing Art, even though it is on their curriculums. Several of the teachers of the classes we worked with joined us voluntarily, not taking advantage of the chance to have a break, and enjoyed making their own collages and butterflies! Sigiti Primary School Year 2's & 3's

Shoe Blessings

Shoes for the Sewing Group

A bunch of second-hand shoes was donated to Rentia who in turn shared them with the Sewing Group ladies. What excitement, and what a blessing that everyone managed to find a pair that they liked and was their size! Coincidence? Well, you may think so……… we have another theory!

One of the Sewing Group ladies visited me last week with an eye problem, needing help to get to the closest hospital. Transport there and back plus medication would cost over US$20. The next day I asked her brother (who works for us) how her eye was. He told me it was unchanged. The hospital had referred her to yet another hospital which would have cost another US$15 for transport etc. As the chances of her being successfully treated there was hot high, she went home, untreated. Today she is here at Sewing Group and when I asked her how she was, she told me the eye is improving slowly. Medical services in Zimbabwe used to be good, but in recent years it has becom

e a major problem with shortages of staff, medicines, transport costs, etc. $20 is more than the monthly income of most people in the country, so to keep referring patients to other hospitals is a nightmare for the patient, who will eventually just give up and go home or not even bother to start the trip! Chris and I recently visited our best hospital in Bulawayo where the treatment is still good. However, while we were waiting outside we noticed that not a single bench had a back rest only a few had half their seats!

The waiting area in the gardens of the best private hospital in Bulawayo

Work in Progress

The few rain showers we have had are definite warnings that our rainy season is moving in on us, so it is all systems go with upgrading and maintenance in the camp before we are rained out.

Rentia and Chris busy repainting walls on one of the camp chalets

Roof trusses up and waiting for the thatchers

Diamond’s roof is our major concern as the thatching must be done while it is dry. He and Caroline have moved into a much smaller building until the job is completed. We removed the asbestos roof sheets and the trusses are now nearly completed.

This whole building will be renovated and will include an inside bathroom, so the roof is really just the beginning! This may bring back memories to some of our Texan friends!! You are welcome back to help……

Our delightful visitors, the Gettys, sing a great harmonized ‘Happy Birthday’ song. I can recommend it as I had an ‘early song’, so if you are looking for ‘something special’ for your upcoming birthday I am taking bookings!!!!!

Abby, Abe & Gail from Maryland, USA (Mary couldn’t make the trip!)

Prayer items:

  • Support for the sewing group (materials as well food)

  • School fees for some of our orphans (US$10 for a three month term)

  • Completion of Diamond’s house before the rains

  • Volunteers to carry out the numerous projects which we wish to undertake in the local community

  • Support for the GEM camp in December.

‘Looking to Jesus, patiently we run, trusting Him to finish what He has begun.’ AF Gibson

Until next time. Norma PS We will be posting our Volunteers Programme details on facebook (Green Island Vision Cause) shortly. If you are interested in looking at it and are not on facebook, let me know and I will forward it to you

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