Christmas Greetings from Morning Star!

Roof on but still lots to do before Diamond can move back home!

It has been a year since we returned to Morning Star. How fast the time has gone by. As we look at everything that still needs doing, we sometimes shake our heads and wonder how or when it will ever happen, but then we look back at the year and see how much has been done and realize how close God has been. I keep telling people that it has been a ‘foundation’ year, and now hopefully in this second year we will see the foundations developing into healthy, strong ‘buildings’. Farm News Our rains have started, with a few dry days between the storms, which has helped us with completing work that needed to be finished before the onslaught of our major rains. The roof on Diamond’s house is finished! Rain halted work on several occasions, but finally we were able to close the last gaps in the thatch.

Chiedza walking

We have nearly completed the bathroom unit on the girls dormitory, which will make life a little easier during camps. Gideon, the local plumber we contracted to do the job is a delightful older man. We didn’t understand why he kept repeating items on lists and forgetting instructions until we realized that he may be suffering from Altzheimer’s Disease. We are now just grateful when he remembers to come back to us after a weekend at his home! Chiedza is walking! Although only when she feels like it and usually when she has an audience! It was lovely to watch her first few steps – she found it all a great joke and couldn’t stop laughing!

Dan, Jill and KevinSewing Group

Food Aid for the most vulnerable After several months of no food deliveries from our SA donors, due to various problems and challenges they were facing, we were delighted to receive a phone call to say that a delivery was coming through to Bulawayo on Christmas day! So our Christmas day has taken on a different look. But isn’t that how God works? We make our plans and He adjusts them to the needs of His people! We are looking forward to meeting the ‘deliverers’ and hope they will be able to share time with us in our little piece of Heaven here on Morning Star. I have been asking God to send us food for the widows and poorest families for Christmas… Volunteers We are hoping to get the Volunteer programme underway in the New Year. Kevin and Jill Jones, originally from the UK, but now based in South Africa, visited us recently. They have been tasked with finding suitable places for volunteers from some churches in the UK and by ‘Godsincidence’ found their way to us. They felt more like family by the time they left after spending a day with us. God has blessed us so much with the people He has sent our way this year.

!Luke, Chris and David on one of our walks.

We christened our new kitchen when the sewing group met for the last time this year and shared a special meal. After we had eaten, the ladies broke into song and then danced for a couple of hours with no music but their own harmony. Humour was not short as Eazy and Noma gave us their version of some traditional dances! Bianca then presented them with sewing bags she had made and that we had managed to equip with basic sewing tools. Bianca has been busy in her free time sewing an item for each of the sewing group and their children - a little dress for the girls and a top for the boys. When the ladies saw what she had done they were quite emotional – what special people we live amongst. Family Michael Jordan visited us for a couple of nights last week. Oops, I mean Michael AND Jordan! All the way from Australia, Michael, who is a relative of ours and Jordan his friend, spent a few days here, followed closely by his brother, David and his friend, Luke. Michael and David’s parents used to farm in Zimbabwe, but after some unpleasant experiences, moved to Australia. They are such special people and close to our hearts. Like many other Zimbabweans, they have had no option but to move away. It is sad that they are now living so far away, but so good that they still have a heart for Zimbabwe and its people. We are praying we will see more of them in the coming years, along with friends who want to ‘taste’ Africa. Michael is hoping to return in 2010, bringing with him a bunch of tough ‘Ozzie’ friends to build a dam on Morning Star

Gordon on the ‘Rock’

Upcoming Events Our neighbour, Denis Paul has been speaking about organizing a Christian Rock Concert on one of our larger ‘rocks’ when the full moon occurs on a Saturday. This is now tentatively planned for June 2010. A small group of musicians came out a few weekends ago to test the acoustics before making a decision about whether this ‘dream’ could actually happen. Watch this space for details! Any Christian bands out there that want to audition? How great it would be to make it a ‘Worldwide’ event!

As we finish this year and enter 2010, please pray with us for the future of this community - that they may see a very real change in their lives, both spiritually and materially. Think of us as you eat your Christmas dinner, and pray that all the hungry in Zimbabwe have something to eat on this day. Thank you for supporting us through this very special year. May our precious Lord Jesus fill your hearts with His peace and joy as you celebrate His Advent. In His Name, Chris & Norma

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