Chez and Matt join us!

Chez is joining us for a few weeks/months to help us with the soap and paper projects, plus wherever the Lord leads her. Chez is new into Zimbabwe and I will give you more information on her as we get to know her better! She came out to the farm to meet us to 'discover' what we are about (Shucks, we can't even answer that question ourselves!). I can tell you that she is from South Africa, just handed in her Masters B.Sc. project and is bubbly and enthusiastic. More to come!

'Old friend' Matt from Vertical Life has been with us for 2 days with friend and travel companion, Duncan. You may remember last year Matt came to Morning Star to run a Leadership course before heading up to Malawi, via Zambia, on a water and sanitation mission. That was their first leg and they are now on their second leg which should take them up to Egypt before they return to South Africa. It was so good to catch up with him, especially as he is now engaged and getting married in January 2012! Our 'family' is increasing!

Pumba alerted us to marauding monkeys this morning and we were able to test out our skills with recently purchased catapults..... We effectively scared the monkeys away from our orchard without causing any injuries except to their dignity!

School term starts tomorrow (10 May) and Chris will be busy in the schools again. With Chez possibly going along to help with reading with and to the children, it will be a new dynamic. Last term Kelvin Parker of the CharChar Trust placed one chest of books and resources in each of the 6 Primary Schools we are involved with. He told the Heads and teachers that if the books were not showing signs of being well-used when he visits again there will be no more chests for their schools! It is his dream to have a chest in each classroom! Visit his website and learn more about this amazing Trust. It only costs $300 to install a completed and full chest into a classroom! All of the stories in the books and most of the materials in the chests have been donated to the Trust, which is one of the reasons he is able to keep his costs so low.

Chris and I have taken over the Orphan feeding programme that the Church of Apostles in Atlanta are sponsoring. It is an amazing initiative and the community is so blessed and appreciative of what they receive for these vulnerable children.

More soon..... Take care, be blessed and keep praying!


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