Welcome to our first Volunteer!

Chez has been with us for just over a week and it is going to be so hard to say good-bye to her when she leaves! She is full of enthusiasm and encouragement!

The week started with Chris and Chez heading out to the schools when the 4 week school holiday finished. The CharChar books are a great bonus as they can be used as class readers. Report back is that the kids are enjoying the stories and the ‘new lady’ who reads to them! (For more on the CharChar trust, visit their website

Chez sharing CharChar Trust books with pupils.
Diamond gives advice to Chez on painting the wall!

On day one of Chez’s stay she had no sooner returned from the school and she was asking for her next project – we gave her an overall, paint and a brush and set her to work on a recently plastered wall. We have finally started on our test run of soap making! Quite a business when you start at the beginning with needing to render down the fat! We are now waiting for the basic soap to ‘cure’ and will then begin the final ‘fragrance’ adding stage!

Chez delights our staff with her keeness to learn Ndebele, the local language here, which is quite similar to Zulu, the language spoken is South Africa where Chez comes from.

Chez has just finished her Masters in Agri Science and has applied for several jobs which she now awaits the outcome. We have told her she can come and work with us if she doesn’t get the job of her choice!

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