AFRICAN DRUMS 4 – From Goliath to Bathsheba

In my last message, I referred to a quote from Richard Foster’s book, ‘Celebration of Discipline’: ‘… conformity to a sick society is to be sick’.

Consider these two biblical incidents in the life of David:

Renewed Minds Scripture Reading: Romans 8: 5 – 17 Meditation: Romans 12: 1-2

In Romans 12 verses 1 and 2, Paul tells us what we need to do if we want to know God’s plan for our lives – change our mindset from a worldly one to a Godly one. Quite simply, it means seeing things as God sees them. Several thousand years ago, a bunch of Israeli soldiers stood shivering in their armour on a blisteringly hot day, in the Judean wilderness. They were watching a nine-foot and some inches Philistine giant hurling abuse at them across a dry riverbed. A ruddy-faced shepherd boy saw the same scene somewhat differently. The petrified soldiers saw an invincible giant; David saw an uncircumcised heathen insulting his Dad! Armed only with a slingshot and few pebbles, he shut Goliath’s foul mouth for good. He saw the situation through God’s eyes.

Before we can change our behaviour, we need to be ready to allow the Holy Spirit to change our thought processes. Paul uses an interesting word for change – ‘transformed’. The original Greek word is ‘metamorphoo’, from which we derive the English word metamorphosis. You may have come across the word in your high school Biology class – the process whereby a caterpillar is changed into a butterfly. Quite a miracle really. Who can explain how an ugly little worm, one day spins itself into a cocoon and some time later emerges as a beautiful butterfly!

The miracle of ‘metamorphosis’ is available for us today, but the world has done such a good job of conforming us to its pattern that it is not so easy to change our mindset. Satan wants us to grub around in the dirt like a worm. Jesus is urging us to fly like a butterfly.

Bottom-line: You will know God’s plan for you only when you are willing to give The Holy Spirit free reign and time to change your worldly mindset.

My prayer: Lord, teach me to be still in your presence and know that you are waiting to change my worldly mindset. I’m tired of trying things on my own. Fill my innermost being with your Holy Spirit. Transform my mind so that I might hear your voice in a loud, busy world shouting and clamouring for my attention.

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