We're in America!

Our trips to America for the last few years to attend the MOVE Conference at Johnson Ferry Baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia have been incredible experiences where we not only receive encouragement and see so many of the people who have visited us on Morning Star but we also meet and hear the amazing things happening in the world from other missionaries. God shines through so many stories of hardship told by people living in the most dire situations. From a worldly perspective, such hopeless stories, but the hope and love shine through.

We are encouraged, re-fueled and spoilt by our hosts and the church who become an extension of our own families by the time we leave.

This year we were also invited to a church conference in Prosper, Texas, the First Baptist Church of Prosper. Incredible! So much to say about our time there – the love and laughter, sharing of the Word, encouragement that the work in so many hard places in the world continues despite the difficulties in the various areas. Pastor John and Roni Herring have a very special team around them and it was delightful getting to know them.

Our hosts, Bill and Lynn, made their home our home. They live in the country with a couple of horses and dogs so it was very easy to feel right at home!

And now on to the JFBC MOVE conference to reconnect with special friends who have visited us at ‘Morning Star’ in the past.

A prayer item – while we are enjoying this trip we have two young ladies plus Diamond looking after everything on the farm. After three years of drought we are having more rain than we have ever experienced. Tara and Tanya described it as living in a swamp! They have had to dig trenches to redirect water to prevent flooding of some of the buildings and are struggling to keep the goats dry. The community living around us in much simpler and more primitively homes will be suffering.

After all the prayers that went up for the rain several months ago, when the country was suffering a serious drought, the saying ‘Be careful what you pray for’ comes to mind!! Humour aside though. The rain was desperately needed and the water table is high and has been replenished.

More soon... 💚

Chris & Norma

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