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In the summer of 2017, a group of college students from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta and Southbridge Community Church in Statesboro, Georgia, flew to Morning Star ranch Zimbabwe, got into a truck and headed into the Matobo Hills to spread ‘the Good News of Peace' (Ephesians 6:15).

They walked through the hills, climbing over big boulders, looking for people to tell the Good News. No obstacle could distract them from their purpose.

Fortunately, Thomas was well-prepared and had brought his ropes and harnesses to help the group get down the steep cliffs.

They found a group of kids making their way home from school. They started talking to them and the kids were initially quite shy and not sure about them. But like kids everywhere, they were curious to find out what these strangers were up to.

Knowing that girls like to listen to stories, Rachel and the others took them off and began to tell them about Jesus.

Jennifer took photographs on her polaroid and each kid took a picture home to show their family. Some of the kids had never seen a photograph of themselves before.

Spencer knew that boys love to run, so he started to run and the boys began to chase him.

When they got too tired to run anymore, they collapsed and started playing in the sandpit.

Then everyone gathered together and played more games.

The kids were sad to see their new friends go.

But Hunter assured them that they would come back.

So, they said goodbye, and promised to come back the next day to play games and tell them more stories about Jesus.

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