Thabo has a pushchair!

His granny was so excited when it was pushed in to her homestead.

‘This will help me so much to make his life more interesting and mine easier’, she cried.

It is an old pushchair with probably not many miles left in it, but the miles it will cover will be made so much easier for Thabo’s granny.

We are expecting a donation of at least one wheelchair in the next week which will substitute when Thabo grows too big for the pushchair.

Thabo's pushchair

Sadly, just after Thabo was ‘discovered’, we were told about another child in a village close to us, who also had cerebral palsy. Why had we not heard about him before? It turns out that in the local culture, a child born with a disability is regarded as a curse from God and so they remain hidden from the public eye.

Off we went to visit him and again discovered a very similar situation to Thabo. Granny, Fasiwe, has been caring for him plus another young grandson who has just started school. Fasiwe does not have a husband or family to support her and does piece work for food, having to depend on her neighbours to survive. When we asked her how we could assist she asked simply for nappies/diapers as this little guy was still incontinent. In addition, his birth has not been registered which makes it difficult for her to access medical care for him. We agreed to help her find out how she can solve this, but it may require a lengthy process and some money. We have supplied her with e’Pap vitamin-enriched porridge to boost his immune system and a few other items, including some cuddly toys.

Granny Fasiwe and kids

Granny Fasiwe's kids

The word had already gone out in Bulawayo, our nearest city, via Facebook and with the response for Thabo being so encouraging, we have been able to extend it to this situation as well. We are hoping to partner with a Bulawayo-based physiotherapist who is wanting to outreach into rural areas to assist children with disabilities.

Lance, a friend who regularly braves our terrible roads and lends a hand in so many practical ways, is busy designing a bicycle trailer/ambulance. When completed it will make the grannies’ journey to the clinic so much easier. Then we will appeal for a couple of strong bikes and perhaps bicycle riding lessons for these dedicated grannies.

If you would like to assist us in supporting these two precious kids, please click through to donate now or contact us for more info.

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