One Step at a Time – the Community Centre Moves Forward

Day One

With a generous matching donation of US$10,000 from dear friends in Atlanta, we are able to begin construction on the next phase of the Community Center. This should see us enclosing the sides and ends of the hall and attaching a store room and utility room on the western end.

Construction began in earnest on a foggy and chilly autumn day this week, involving Lance, Razi and their team, that included Patrick, Mbeki, Diamond, Trymore and Larkin, from Texas. An unseasonal rainstorm nearly delayed the start of the project, making the approach road almost impassable. Undeterred, Lance negotiated his six-ton truck, loaded down with building materials, through the quagmire to the cheers of the team.

Razi and the team welding the metal framework in place

The Team warming those chilled hands!

If you would like to add a few dollars to this project and help the matching donation increase, click the Donate button to see how you can give and watch the Centre grow.


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