Vacation With A Purpose - Summer 2018

Have you ever been on a summer Vacation With A Purpose?

These guys travelled over 5,000 miles from the USA for a 40 day VWAP on Morning Star ranch in the Matobo Hills, just outside Bulawayo - the 2nd largest city in Zimbabwe.

For most of us, summer is a time to indulge ourselves on a beach, a mountain or a cruise-liner on the ocean. But a few, take the ‘road less chosen’ and head off the beaten track to serve others on a VWAP

They seek out the poor, the ailing, widows and orphans living desperate lives

They hug little kids who may never have had a hug from an adult in their lives

They play games which bring joy to little faces

And bring resources to teach them new skills

This is VWAP – a Vacation With A Purpose!

Interested in a VWAP next summer? Contact us now!

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