AFCA and GREEN ISLAND VISION Partnership in Zimbabwe - August 2018

Lord of all he surveys, is our Bruce! Here he is investigating how he can join us in the area fenced off around our Homestead. What he cannot understand is why we should fence HIM out. We have tried to explain that the fence is there to keep his herd out and the dogs in, but he still likes to make us feel guilty as he finds a large rock to stand on and view us over it – calling out to us to invite him in!

He is growing into a delightful young buck, greeting us gently when we are near him. He is almost a year old now and has been introduced to most of the ‘ladies’, so we are hoping for a new crop of kids by Christmas.

Winter seems to be nearly past, although we are sure to have a couple of cold days before summer arrives. We are hoping for some early rains as it very dry. Until then our browse and grazing are not very good and we need to supplement the herd with additional food and nutrition. Although they go out each day to forage, when they are in the holding paddocks we are giving them extra grass that has been cut and stored over the year. To make it a little more appetizing we pour over a little salted water.

One of our does likes to climb into the hay troughs to find the best grass. She is also often seen using it as her ‘bunk’ for the night!

At this time of the year ticks become more of a problem than usual. We need to monitor the herd closely as they can develop Heart Water disease which, if not attended to quickly, can cause a very traumatic death. Here the team are spraying the goats in the race that was constructed by a previous team. It has made life for the goats and us a lot easier.

We had a delightful visit from the Barrett family from Malawi recently. Here Pizza is introducing herself to Ellie - two great kids!

More soon!

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