Firstly, we would like to thank the amazing humans who responded to our September post asking for donations to assist Jabulani. You truly humble us with your willingness to help where you can. 💖

Several months have rushed by and Jabulani has been following the treatments prescribed by the clinics and the orthopaedic surgeons. He has improved and is much more positive now as he experiences that there are caring folk around who want to see him recover from a situation in which he had no hope.

During this time of healing we have known that he would at some stage need an operation to remove the steel plate. Looking forward to what this may look like in dollars and cents, we have tried to get estimates so we could be ready to assist as much as possible. I am afraid we have failed dismally with the exception of one doctor who indicated it COULD be around $2,000, but he was very cautious to warn us that he had been out of the surgery and hospital arena for some time so this was really a thumb suck on his part. 😣

So off to his recent check-up Jabu went on Monday, where he was instructed to have a further set of x-rays and blood tests done and to then report back with the results. When the doctor reviewed the results, he advised that Jabulani should be admitted to hospital immediately for the operation to remove the plate as the healing was not adequate.

And then the fun began!

To be admitted into hospital for an operation means that you are given a list of the ‘materials’ needed during the operation as the Government hospitals do not have the resources to buy the necessary items, like rubber gloves, abdominal swabs, antiseptic solutions, ECG leads… and the list continues from basic items to actual injections. 🤯

Leaving Jabu and his sister Fiso at the hospital to try and get him admitted, I had to visit, not just one, but six drug stores to purchase all the items on the list. Not one of the drug stores had everything in stock. Zimbabwe is so short of drugs and equipment that not only does one have to travel around town from one drug store to another, but you have to scratch together US$s as no-one will take the local currency anymore. That is another sad story however! 🙄

Three hours later I finally made it back to the hospital in time to see that Jabu had been admitted and was hoping to be operated on either 23 November or the following Monday. He seems relieved to be taking this next step to what we pray is recovery. 👏🏽

What about the costs, you may be wondering? 🤔 Well, I spent some time this afternoon being sent from one accounts office to another for this important information, only to be told each time that only after the operation could they tell us! ‘Just an estimate!’ I kept crying, but to no avail! When I got home I suggested to Chris that perhaps Jabu’s recuperation would be spent in jail because we couldn’t pay the bill!

Thank you again to several people who generously contributed to Jabu’s costs after our first story. It has helped cover these initial costs. If you feel led to help, please message us and we will give you details on how to do that. 💟

Although the whole experience was very frustrating, I could not help but feel how much more frustrating and difficult if must be for most people in Jabu and his family’s situation, who have no vehicle to travel the distance I had to travel today. Buses and taxis are available, but also add to the cost. On many occasions doctors and nurses are very rude. No explanations are given and patients are just told where to go and what to do. I was ready to do battle with one doctor who became angry with Jabu when he asked what the costs would be. Fortunately for me when we returned to re-visit the surgery it was another very pleasant and helpful lady doctor on duty! 👩🏿‍🔬

In conclusion, can we ask you to pray for Jabu as he goes into this next step that will not be without its challenges.👏🏽 And if you feel led to donate towards this cause please contact us and we will give you details on how to do so. 💟

Thank you for reading and supporting Jabu through his journey.


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