Unexpected miracles

Sometimes stepping out of the front door can trigger a miracle!

When Norma and I are in town, we usually go for an evening walk. On most occasions, nothing significant happens. The neighbors’ dogs bark 🐕, other walkers nod greetings, cyclist whizz past 🚴‍♀️, a few cars zig-zag, like drunken drivers, avoiding the numerous potholes on the ‘paved’ suburban road. 🚗

Last week, however, something unique happened on my evening stroll. A metal gate slid open, as I was walking past a local BnB, and eight young people emerged, laden with travel bags. By their voices I could tell they were from the USA. 🇺🇸

‘It’s to the right,’ said two of the guys, pointing down the road.

‘No, it’s left,’ said one of the others, peering intently at a Google map on his phone.

Two of the guys decided to walk right, following me, and the rest went left, disappearing around the corner.

When the two got to a T junction, they were concerned, because the street sign had been removed from its pole; not unusual in Zimbabwe, where poor people steal the signs, melt them down and make metal objects for sale! Confused, they turned to me. 🤔

‘Do you know where Fleming Drive is?’ one asked.

‘Yes, it’s that way,’ I said, pointing in the direction that their companions had taken.

‘Oh, heck,’ said one guy wearing glasses. Then, glancing at my cap, he continued ‘Hey, is that a Younglife cap you’re wearing?’

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘That’s amazing! I spent many years in Younglife and was a leader on several camps!’

We then began exchanging names of camps in the USA, and the people who ran them.

‘You know Skeet and Steve?’ he exclaimed excitedly.

To cut a long story short, most of the group were from Indiana and had been running a soccer coaching clinic in one of the local townships. ⚽️ When they arrived at their BnB at the end of the day, they were not impressed with what they saw, so paid a cancellation fee and walked out. By this time their taxi had disappeared, but fortunately they had located another BnB nearby. I guided them to their destination, where we met the other six. Ringing the gate bell and phoning produced no response, so I invited them to stay with me for the night.

After supper, which they cooked, we had an amazing conversation. I told them about our work on Morning Star and they were so impressed with the AFCA goat program, that they immediately dug into their pockets and gave me $250 to sponsor a goat. 🐐 I, in turn discovered that Mark and Nick, the group leaders, were soccer coaches who had established a non-profit called ‘Make Your Own Ball’. They raise money in the US and travel to countries in Africa and South America, constructing soccer fields, distributing cleats, balls and run coaching clinics. They also identify needy kids and arrange scholarships for school fees.

Check out their website – it’s an amazing project. 👏🏼

A few days later, they visited Norma and I on Morning Star. We showed them where we would like to construct a soccer field at the community center. They were excited at the idea and told us they would like to come back next year to help us lay it out. 🥅

Was it just a coincidence that I chose to wear my Younglife cap that evening and walked past a gate, at the very moment a group, from the other side of the world, happened to step out onto that road? Some may call it a coincidence; we prefer to recognize it as a ‘God-incident’. So, next time you step out of your front door, be prepared. God may have a miracle lined up for you! 💓

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