The Story of a Young Man, continued...


Definition: Kindness, caring and looking after the people around you

Nkosi has started High School! On 7 January 2019, Nkosi, accompanied by 12 of his Georgia, USA ‘fan club’, arrived at King George VI Centre to start his first year of high school. In 2018, he achieved the highest pass mark in his final year of primary education, at the rural school he has attended for 8 years.

It was an emotional time and Nkosi was a little sad and very apprehensive about the unknown. He has never been away from his family and simple rural home, so this was a HUGE step for him. The previous week, after we had purchased his school uniform in town, we stopped off for pizza. Nkosi has never had pizza before and grinned broadly as he tucked into it, declaring it was better than a Christmas meal!

After lunch, accompanied by his mother Lindani and a visiting short-term mission team

from Georgia, we took him to his new school which caters specifically for handicapped children. We were given a short tour of the school and then went with Nkosi to the dormitory where he will live. The group gathered around and prayed for him before leaving. All of us, including his mum, shed some tears as we bade him farewell.

Nkosi bravely held it together well, but we could see he was holding his tears back.

Two days later I went to visit him but when I arrived nobody could find him. I sat down to wait, enjoying the sweet atmosphere of the comings and goings of some of the other resident students. Although most were confined to wheel chairs, they were surprisingly mobile and chatted incessantly like any other bunch of school kids. And then around the corner came Nkosi, at high speed, on his crutches with a broad smile on his face! He was excited to tell me he had just finished his first ‘workshop’, trying out for the Marimba Band. Evidently the school Marimba band is very good and performs at various public events in Bulawayo.

On questioning him about his first few days, he said that he had already made friends and that the two boys with whom he was sharing a bedroom, were ‘nice’. I asked leading questions to see if there were negatives, but nothing was forthcoming, which was a relief. It seems as if we are off to a great start!

We would like to thank the many folk who have contributed funds to help this ‘dream’ become a reality for Nkosi and his family. Financially we still have a way to go to keep him at school, especially now with our Zimbabwean currency problems. A bus fare for his mum to visit him, once a month now costs U$40 for the return trip, whereas two months ago it cost $10.

If you would like to assist with this project to ensure we are able to keep Nkosi at school, please visit our website’s donation link and when donating, please be sure to mention Nkosi’s name.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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