AFCA and GREEN ISLAND VISION Partnership in Zimbabwe NEWSLETTER - September 2020

A Neighbours Homestead

A lot has happened on Morning Star in the last month; more than I can adequately cover in the limits of this Newsletter! Let me grab the most interesting and keep the rest for later. Oh dear, that is difficult – it is ALL interesting!

15 goats were delivered to 5 new families and we anticipate delivering to a few more families shortly. The father of most of the does handed out was Rupert, our first buck born on the farm; a half Kalahari Red. These does are all now carrying babies either from Bruce our ¾ bred Kalahari Red, or Fred, our Saanen dairy goat. What this means is that the genes of the goats in the community will be improved with the introduction of a meatier goat and a milk producing goat. We have been encouraging the beneficiaries to milk their goats for added nutrition in their homes, and hope this mix of breeds will be successful in the quantities they can achieve.

Two families receiving their goats

When the five new families received goats, the ‘Three Amigos’ visited some of our present beneficiary families to see how the herds were progressing. Lufasi, one of our first beneficiaries proudly showed us his herd. Top right in the below picture are two of our original stock herd, Oreo and Snowflake. Each of these does had just produced yet another baby to add to Lufasi’s herd. Lufasi recently repaid the three does the contract calls for, (after three years, three does are ‘paid back’ and then the rest of the herd belongs officially to the beneficiary). The bottom photo shows some of his herd and the top left is one of the does, Cindy, which he returned to us. She was pregnant and a month after her arrival she produced a very sweet little doeling.

AFCA graciously donated US$ 5,000 towards the Zimbabwe call for food assistance. The lockdown caused all sorts of tactical problems, but after a long delay, we were able to get food parcels to vulnerable homes in our rural community. All the goat beneficiaries and sewing group families, as well as many other needy families in the area, were so excited to receive this unexpected blessing. Several families danced with joy when the food was delivered to them.

Families receiving AFCA's donated food parcels

It brings back powerfully to us how much so many of us have and how little others have to survive on. May we find it in our hearts, to walk with our hands held loosely over the excess that we have and become more aware of the needs of the poor and vulnerable. The apostle James reminds how important this is in God’s eyes (James 1:27)

Although it seems many Covid restrictions are slowly been lifted, let us continue to be wise as we begin to socialize and move around. By protecting ourselves we can protect others. Keep safe!

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