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We want to provide you with an important update about the next steps for Green Island Vision.

Words cannot express how thankful we are for your generous support over the years to the ministry.

Green Island Vision started as a small dream to help the local community surrounding the ranch – a neglected, impoverished, subsistence farming community, trying to scratch out a living from the land in a drought area. The dream became a reality as The Ferguson's took the first cautious step and watched how God then forged a path they could never have imagined possible. The response to appeals for old clothes, basic foods, magazines, scraps of fabric and yarn was

overwhelming, which started an amazing Faith walk with the Lord. The song “Trust and Obey” became a truth for them as they saw needs met and lives changed by the many incredible people they met through the teams and individuals who visited them. Not just changes in the community and in the lives of those who visited but also for the Ferguson's.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27

After many amazing years of ministry, Chris and Norma have transitioned the leadership of the ministry to Gary and Dianne Jones. The Ferguson's made the tough decision to leave due to medical issues, but in God’s usual (un)surprising way, He brought Gary and Dianne into the picture. With their previous experiences and talents, they are the perfect couple to continue moving the vision forward and improving on the foundation that has been laid.

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.'" John 7:38

The Jones believe this verse beautifully encapsulates Chris and Norma Ferguson and the work they have done within this rural community in Matobo Zimbabwe. In everything they did, there was this flow from their hearts which reflected their Faith and Belief in Christ.

The Ferguson's touched the lives of myriads of people, not only in our country, but from all over the world. This was proved by the incredible outpouring of grief, loss, love, support and hope from so many corners of this community, country and the globe on the recent passing of Chris. He is sorely missed, as is Norma who is now based in South Africa.

So how do Dianne and Gary continue to build on the foundation already laid? God has given them the answer. PRESS ON AND PRESS IN.

Press on with the work that was left unfinished and Press in closer to Him. God will guide them, give them discernment and wisdom and equip them every day, every step of the way. They are so excited to carry on these good works and to discover what new things God has planned for them. Their hearts are deeply touched by this community and their daily struggles. They desire to be a catalyst for change in their lives spiritually, socially and economically.

We hope you continue with the incredible support you have shown Green Island Vision over the years and partner with us in keeping the Ferguson legacy alive and also in growing the ministry as God sees fit, continuing to reach out and meaningfully touch people's lives.

The Jones’ current projects that need your help in 2022 include the Themba Sewing Project and a Mobile Training Unit. Themba in the local Ndebele language means "hope.” The concept of the Themba Sewing Project would see Dianne and her team of instructors travel to meet various women's groups in their own villages in the community. She would set up her equipment under a shady tree and teach women about domestic sewing. This proved very popular in a previous

project Dianne ran, as the women did not have to travel to attend the lessons.... the "school" came to them. These meetings were wonderful opportunities in which to build relationships and share the gospel. It is the Jones “HOPE/THEMBA” to do the same under the Green Island banner. In order to run this programme successfully, a Mobile Training Unit is needed. This Unit would be a trailer that would be customized to carry:

  • 8 Sewing machines (a mix of hand machines and electric machines. Ladies will learn to operate the simpler hand machines until they are proficient enough to move onto electric machines)

  • rolls of fabric

  • fold away tables

  • a generator

The idea is to have the trailer serve as a mobile training unit with its own power source. The trailer would be moved to each particular site and could be unhitched and left in location with the Instructor who would carry out the lesson. The towing vehicle would then be free to continue on, doing other fieldwork for that day, and at the end of the day return to collect the trailer and training team and head back to base. This would make the whole system much more efficient,

enabling more ground to be covered, establish more groups and in addition the machinery and generator would be safely secured and stored in the trailer ready for the next training workshop. A project the Ferguson's started and still continues is Education. For several years the Ferguson's have been raising support for a number of disadvantaged school children who will continue to need financial assistance with their education. One is a young man with a degenerative hip, and three are girls who were recently orphaned and would not have the opportunity of schooling without assistance, as their extended families are very poor. Support is crucial for their continued education to prevent them from being pulled out of school by the family who cannot afford any extra costs. We hope to carry on this support until the children are finished with their basic education. Here is a breakdown of our budget and goals for the outlined projects: $1,500 for the Themba Sewing Project $5,500 for the Mobile Training Unit $2,000 for continued Education Sponsorships $2,000 for Administration and Management expenses $11,000 Total Budget If you wish to support one of our current ministry projects, please make a donation at Thank you for making this ministry possible to reach more people for Jesus! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Gary at


Green Island Vision Ministry Team Norma Ferguson Gary & Dianne Jones

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