RIP Easy Nkala 💚

Unlike her name, this is not an ‘easy’ or happy post.

As you may already know, the Morning Star sewing group was established in 2010, with a group of local HIV positive ladies who needed money to assist them achieve a more nutritious diet, due to the antiretrovirals they were taking. One of the initial members was Easy Nkala.

Easy was a strong personality who kept us all amused with her stories, dancing and antics! Over the last five years her health began failing so she started working on sewing projects from home, saving her making the 4 mile walk to and from Morning Star every two weeks.

The onset of Covid in 2020 created problems for the sewing group as cancellation of all our visitors and teams decimated the market for their goods.

2021 has not been much better and the effect on the group has been very difficult. The loss of income, combined with unreliable weather, has made it hard to grow vegetables in their small gardens. Most of the community were reliant on ‘hand-outs’, which were often erratic, but gratefully received.

We visited Easy last month to find her on her feet, but moving very slowly and obviously weak and suffering. She was still making an effort to look after her crops, but was having to rely on her elderly parents for assistance.

Last Friday we heard the devastating news that Easy had passed away. Although we were not surprised, knowing how weak she had been, it was a shock, also knowing that her two little girls, Sasha-Tania and Thelma, are still in elementary school. Now another two orphans in the area.😔

The surviving family will need to find money to send them to school, or they, like so many others, may end up being married off or pregnant at an early age.

Children are meant to bring joy and happiness into a home, but the burden on extended families finding the money to send grandchildren to school is often impossible to achieve. Please pray for this family as they pick up the costs of these young girls.

Easy often said one of the things she would like to do was to get her higher education certificate as she had been denied that opportunity. Her dream was to educate her girls.

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